Games will always be at 4-7 am UTC, though daylight savings time means the local time of the game for you will be different.

Trump Tower on May 8th, 2016. Get characters to Fish by 7 am UTC May 7th.

Fish can’t GM on May 15th, 2016. Someone want to volunteer?

From March 17th to March 25th, there is a good chance of an extra game. Let me know if you prefer any of these days!

Game Description

Eleder is a city on the verge of many things. On the verge of Inner Sea “civilization,” clinging to traditions and customs decades out of date. On the precipice of war, with the nations of Cheliax and Mzali in open conflict and the subjugated indigenous calling for freedom. A hair’s breadth from bankruptcy and default on a debt to the Hurricane King of the pirate-controlled Shackles islands. And Eleder is a port city on the edge of a region of blistering savanna, scrubland hills, and humid, choking rainforest – a blip of urban life in the wilderness.

The city is corrupt, racially segregated, and beset on all sides by enemies. Will you work to redeem it, or destroy it?

Eleder Adventures

Eleder noahisawful Morhek Rebel_Halfling