Eleder Militia

The Eleder Militia is a division of the Sargavan Guard tasked with defending the capital Eleder. It is commanded by Praetor Commander Ezio Egorius, and based in Praetor’s Block.

The Eleder Militia has existed in some capacity for as long as the colony itself, but was only named such with the establishment of Fort Kalabuto in 4150 AR.

The Militia acts as Eleder’s police force, maintaining precincts in each of the city’s four colonial districts. It also guards the gates in the Diomar Wall, enforcing nighttime curfew for Mwangi from Outerwall. The Militia maintains Turisale Prison under Praetor’s Block, where dangerous criminals from across the nation are incarcerated.
Another of the Militia’s responsibilities is to manage the mandatory martial training of Eleder’s Mwangi population. Mwangi are trained from ages as young as 10, though it is not until they reach adulthood and are given the choice between joining the Sargavan Guard and remaining conscripts (to be called upon in wartime) that they may see active duty. Due to the disorganized nature of Outerwall, the Militia’s census of Eleder is far from thorough, and it is a fairly simple matter for a Mwangi to escape conscription. However, many Mwangi still willingly sign up, as the stable pay of even a trainee is better than the irregular pay and generally more dangerous conditions of the mines and farms to the east of Eleder.

The Militia is mostly made up of Mwangi, but every colonial recruit starts with the title of “Sub-Praetor,” making them immediately higher-ranking than the most grizzled Mwangi veteran.
Important members of the Militia include:

Eleder Militia

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